PDF - WORD printing mismatch or alignment issues

Troubleshooting - Applies to Infiniti v8.0 onwards

After document generation you have found that the WORD and PDF versions of your project do not match up after printing/generation.

Example of alignment issues:

  • Document margins are out of alignment and or being dropped off when printing;
  • Text is not aligned the same in both documents (PDF and WORD);
  • Images are in different locations.

There is no exact solution to alignment issues, just things to troubleshoot or adjust.

  1. Use tables to align document content (with invisible borders). Tables are easy to define alignment.
  2. The layout within word might not be compatible for PDF. Example: Text boxes can move around when converted to PDF. In this case you would replace text boxes and format the text or image instead (alignment, text style and page position for example);
  3. Try and keep any text or images away from the edges of the page within word;
  4. Have a look at your PDF printing options. You will probably find that "Page Scaling" will be set to "Shrink to Printable Area". Shrink To Printable Area; Shrinks large pages to fit the currently selected paper size but doesn’t enlarge small pages. If an area is selected and is larger than the printable area of the currently selected paper, it’s scaled to fit the printable area. You will find that this is causing the miss print in most cases.
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