Warning Error 500

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later


Warning error 500 appears when loading a page within an Infiniti wizard.


Warning error 500 appears when the server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented Infiniti from fulfilling the request. Warning 500 is a generic "catch-all" server error that says: “Hey, something went wrong and I can’t fulfil your request!” and it is up to user to investigate. Error 500 appears in IE 8 or less, IE 9 or above because not responding to commands.

Possible causes

Things to test and fix:

  • Connection String for the data source
  • Assess the right Database
  • Connection string is authenticating correctly (Username + Password)
  • Synonyms are pointing to the right Database/Server. etc.
  • XML
  • Reference to the right XSD and XML file


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